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Urge Subway to end chicken cruelty!

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This is how chickens live on farms in Subway's supply chain

Selected to suffer

Broiler breeds used in today's conventional farms are selected artificially, to make them grow unnaturally fast. As a result, their premature bodies cannot handle the weight, which leads to broken legs, other health disorders and even death.

If people grew this fast, a 5 year old child would weigh 150 kilograms.

Densely packed

Broilers are often packed up to 19 chickens in a square metre. This is less than an A4 page for one bird.

Living in waste

Skin diseases and burns are common, caused by ammonia fumes as chickens are forced to live in their own filth.

Bodies of dead animals often lie in farms for hours.

Help us end this suffering and support the #SubwayEatCruelty campaign.

Only with your help can we make Subway commit to better welfare for chickens.


These companies have already signed up to the Better Chicken Commitment to eliminate some of the cruelest practices in their supply chain:

PretZizziUnileverAsk ItalianCoco De MamaPrezzoM&SNestleDanone


To: Mr Colin Hughes, Managing Director for Subway UK
Mr John Chidsey, Subway CEO

Subway has decided to raise its animal welfare standards for broiler chickens in the USA and Canada – but not yet in Europe. I urge you to lead the way by joining the Better Chicken Commitment.

When it comes to ethics, sustainability, and food quality, your company presents itself as having the highest of standards.

However, the conditions under which the broiler chickens reared for your products live and die are at odds with your principles. They suffer from unnaturally fast weight gain, overcrowding in cramped sheds, and experiencing life-long boredom in these confined spaces, as well as from the stress of pre-slaughter stunning procedures that cannot guarantee a painless death.

Sadly, European law is completely inadequate, offering little protection for these animals.

In order to address the most urgent problems in the broiler chicken industry, Open Cages and about 30 other animal protection groups formulated the criteria of the European Chicken Commitment.

Around 200 companies from the USA and Europe have already committed themselves to fulfil these criteria.

Fulfil your promise of sustainability and high ethical principles and help establish a higher standard for animal welfare in Europe.

You have the power to improve the lives of millions of chickens.

Thank you for standing with chickens!

It's only thanks to support from people like you that we can continue to combat this abuse.

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